Thing of the Earth – 12″ Vinyl Classic Black


12″ Vinyl Classic Black
(includes CD quality digital download)



Limited edition 12″ Vinyl in classic black.

Sleeve features beautiful artwork by Kerrie Hanna, Susan Hughes and Lizzy Doe. By buying this pre-order directly from the band you are supporting the musicians who created this album.

(includes CD quality digital download)

“Thing of the Earth is Réalta’s third studio album and features a wide variety of music, from traditional instrumental dance tunes to newly composed songs. They’ve taken their core sound of wind, strings, reeds and drum and developed it, adding breadth and depth to their music. Guest singer-songwriter Myles McCormack adds a flavour of folk to the mix, making this a truly cross-genre album, and the inclusion of special guest vocalist Cathy Jordan on their first single further demonstrates their empathetic and cohesive approach to collaboration. The result is a beautifully varied, balanced and creative recording.”

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