About Réalta…

Described by Irish Music Magazine as “A full bodied pipe and whistle
Réalta make full use of the intricate melodies and driving rhythms that make Irish music so loved throughout the world.

Performing on dueling uilleann pipes, whistles, bodhrán, guitar, bouzouki, double
bass and vocals, this award winning, Belfast based band will lead the listener on a journey of music and song through the full range of the Irish tradition…

… or as Herald Scotland put it, “Réalta carry on the Bothy Band tradition of taking tunes by the scruff of the neck and firing excitement through them like hot flames! “

New Album! – Clear Skies

* Out Now *

Delightfully spirited and masterfully executed. The magical sounds of uilleann pipes and whistles weave their way harmoniously through an array of beautiful songs, lively tunes and soulful airs. Réalta’s second album is a sumptuous blend of traditional music from Ireland and further afield and is a testament to the creative talents of these young musicians!

– John McSherry


Asturian Tunes

Colonel Fraser’s

Paddy Ryan’s Dream


  • Réalta performing alongside Altan at the P.I.I.G.S World Music Festival in Athens <br/> <a class ='customGalleryMask' href='greece'> Click here for more info </>
  • Performing at Saarang Festival, India 2014 - <a class ='customGalleryMask' href='india'> Click here for more info </>
  • Highlights in Brittany include Festival Interceltique de Lorient 2013 and 2015 and Vents de Vilaine Festival 2014 - <a class ='customGalleryMask' href='brittany'> Click here for more info </>
  • Réalta have toured extensively throughout Germany, including a 4 week Irish Folk Festival Tour with Altan in 2012, the Irish Heartbeat Tour 2014 and Irish Folk Festival Tour 2014 - <a class ='customGalleryMask' href='germany'> Click here for more info </>
  • Irish highlights include Festival of the Peninsula, Frankie Kennedy Winter School, William Kennedy Piping Festival, Temple Bar Trad Fest and a 2015 solo tour - <a class ='customGalleryMask' href='ireland'> Click here for more info </>
  • Réalta have performed twice at Celtic Connections, where they were won the prestigious Danny Kyle Award. They have also headlined the Northern Meeting Piping Festival in Inverness - <a class ='customGalleryMask' href='scotland'> Click here for more info </>
  • Réalta have performed solo tours of Denmark in 2013 and 2014 <br/> <a class ='customGalleryMask' href='denmark'> Click here for more info </>
  • As regular guests in The Netherlands, Réalta have performed at various festivals and venues throughout the country including the Noordfolk Festival and Alkmaar Irish Music Festival - <a class ='customGalleryMask' href='thenetherlands'> Click here for more info </>
  • Réalta have performed in Brussels for Culture Night and headlined the Schots Weekend in Alden Biesen - <a class ='customGalleryMask' href='belgium'> Click here for more info </>
  • Concerts and workshops at the 2014 Sori Festival, South Korea - <a class ='customGalleryMask' href='southkorea'> Click here for more info </>
  • Traveled with Culture Ireland to perform showcases at APAP New York - <a class ='customGalleryMask' href='usa'> Click here for more info </>


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